What Are The Common Types Of Commercial Refrigerators?

All the different kinds of commercial refrigerators have some things in common. They keep foods fresh and chilled with an insulated interior and stainless steel exterior. Every time someone thinks of a refrigerator, we think about a unit that helps freezes foods in our homes. When it comes to commercial refrigeration, this is something much different. If you have plans of opening a store that will serve food items and beverages to your customers, then you need to have a basic understanding and knowledge of the types of commercial refrigerators. 

Reach-in Freezers And Refrigerators

These units are great for the back of the house operations. You can get both solid door reach-in units and glass door reach-in units in Dutch style in full or half-length doors. The storage capacity of these reach-in units is measured by cubic feet, and they have numerous sections.

Walk-in Refrigerators

If you want to open a store or a restaurant that needs a large amount of storage space for food, beverages, and other products, then you must consider investing in a walk-in refrigerator. For an organization, a lot of operators set up commercial shelving operations inside their walk-in refrigerators. These units are great for storing alcohol, juices and boxed or bulk items. 

Serve Over Counter

These units are perfect if you want to open a cafe, a meat outlet or a grocery store. They make the displayed food and other items much more appealing by using a level or bent glass. These units are similar to counter-top display refrigerators, but the only difference is that these units do not have a glass that can fully cover the food products. Customers can get what they want without asking the serves. 

Under Counter Refrigerators

These units have a similar function to upright reach-in units. The only difference is that they are shorter and they can fit into smaller spaces. So if your kitchen needs a unit to store some products that can be used when needed, then the under-counter refrigerator is the one for you. 

Bar Refrigerators

There are numerous types of bar refrigerators like plate chillers, back bar refrigerators, keg coolers and more. These units are normally made with black vinyl or a stainless steel exterior to give the under-counter bar place a more streamlined look. 

Pastry Or Bakery Display

This kind of commercial refrigerator can either have stainless steel curved with glass or a traditional wooden finish. It has the front part covered with glass so that customers can see all the bakery and pastry products. 

Refrigerated Prep Tables

These units are perfect in the preparation area or cook line in the commercial kitchen. There are two versions of the refrigerated prep tables, sandwich and salad tables, and the pizza prep tables. Cold storage wells keep the ingredients cold and fresh. This unit has drawers that store prepared dressings and sauces. The difference between a salad table and a pizza table is the depth of the cutting board. For a pizza table, the cutting board is deeper, and it can accommodate a wide diameter pizza. 

How to acquire different types of commercial refrigerators

There are different kinds of commercial refrigerators that you can buy in the market today that will suit the type of business that you want to open. 

Acquiring a commercial refrigerator is not something that you can decide without proper planning. You need to check your budget and see which unit you are going to get. A lot of business owners make a direct purchase as the first step towards getting a commercial refrigerator. This can affect the operating capital. 
It is best to lease your commercial refrigerators since it is cheaper and it does not put a toll on your budget. Also, you need to consider a local service provider that can help you whenever your unit needs maintenance and repair. There are local service providers like the commercial refrigeration repair in Mesa that are more than willing to assist you in making sure that your units will run as efficiently as possible.

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