Outdoor Food Prep Table

The Stiga brand is to Ping Pong and Table Tennis what other famous brands are to fast food. They are one of, if not the widest known brand on the market, being sold in hundreds of countries worldwide. There are a range Stiga outdoor ping pong table supplies, each with their own special attributes, features and fitting into specific price ranges. With that in mind it is important to pick the one best suited to your needs.

The least expensive of the tables is the Stiga Mega brand CS retailing at 470 dollars. This piece is best suited for those players on a budget. Just because the Mega brand is the least expensive of the Ping Pong tables, it does not mean it is a low quality table that will fail the Ping Pong playing enthusiast. In fact this unique compact system is the perfect value for the money for the hobbyist.

The Mega brand measures 184cm x 69cm x 163cm or if you prefer inches 72.4in by 27.2in by 64.2in, so it is quite apparent that the playing surface is not lacking on the Mega product. Included with the perfect playing surface area is storage area for the balls and paddle.

Next in line in terms of cost is the Stiga Winner retailing at 552 dollars if the consumer has a bit more to spend, then this would be the one the go with as there are several upgrades present in this table over the Mega product. At 108in by 30in by 60 inches or 275cm by 153cm by 77cm, the Winner Outdoor measures up to the proper ITTF specifications as well so those playing on it will have to practice with the same size tables. Once again it comes with paddle and ball storage as well as 4 paddles and 6 balls so you will never be without supplies for the game.

For 775 dollars, the Ping Pong accessory that is available and popular is the Performance CS Rollaway.

Just like the Winner brand before it, the Performance product meets ITTF regulation playing size requirements so those looking to practice will be all set with the proper size. However there are many additional elements that make the Performance brand a superior item because while they are the same regulation size, the Performance Outdoor has been fitted with a special steel frame to make a much stronger table. Additionally the Performance Outdoor has been fitted with new wheels making it an even more mobile table.

Coming in at 1570 dollars, the Super brand product is an item meant only for the consumer with the largest budget. The Super product, as its name would suggest, is the king of all. The construction of this beast is second to none as it is built to withstand any of the elements; with underside made of sheet metal and a top board 10mm thick it is easy to see why it stands the test of durability from both the abuse of players as well as sun, rain, wind and countless other elements.

Each Stiga outdoor ping pong table has a special place and it is up to the player to determine which will best fit their needs and which will best fit into their budget. One thing is for sure though, there will always be a game for a player and there will always be a player for a game.

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