Food Prep Table Used

One way of making sure that the foods being served are kept warm is to make use of a kitchen steam table.  The dishes are placed on the steam table pans, and these pans are then placed over the steam table.  The steam generated by the equipment keeps the food warm and ready to be served.  The steam table also keeps the food fresh and safe to eat.  Because it holds food, the steam table needs to be cleaned regularly by the kitchen steward, and the usual schedule for cleaning the steam table is after serving period is over.

Here are the proper steps on how to clean the steam table.

As soon as the serving period is over, the kitchen steward has to transfer the leftover foods from the steam table pans to their respective food containers and then into the refrigerator.  This way, the leftover foods will not get contaminated by dirty water or detergent.

After this step, the kitchen steward could then switch off the steam table machine.  This is done so as to avoid any mishaps or accidents from happening, one of which is electrocution.  Once the machine is switched off, he could then drain the water from the steam wells prior to cleaning the machine.  This will make cleaning the machine safer and easier to clean.

With a hand brush dipped in hot water, pour a small amount of detergent unto the brush.  Do not use too much detergent though as it will make rinsing much more difficult.  Plus, money will only be wasted.  The kitchen steward then has to brush all the sides as well as all the surfaces of the steam table, making sure that he reaches the corners as well.  He should thoroughly scrub and wash the top of the steam table as well as its backboard and front.  The hood and the sides need to be scrubbed and washed as well.

If there are stubborn food particles clinging on the steam stable, the kitchen steward can make use of a scraper to scrape off the leftover foodstuff.  After this, he could then rinse the steam table with hot water.  He has to make sure that he has removed any traces of dirty liquid, especially detergent, before wiping it dry.  He should also make sure that the steam table does not smell of detergent.

For steam tables with lime scales, the kitchen steward then has to de-lime it.  The first step to de-liming the steam table is to fill the steam wells up with water before adding in a cleaning agent that can take away the lime scale.  After this, he could then switch the machine on to heat up the water and cleaning agent.  He should leave the machine on until the lime scale is totally eliminated before switching the machine off and then rinsing it off.

For hard to remove lime scale buildup, the kitchen steward can lightly scrub over the area with a scrubbing pad.  He has to make sure that he has removed all traces of the lime scale buildup.  Once done, he can then switch the steam off before draining the water and cleaning agent.  After this step, the kitchen steward then has to rinse the steam table off with hot water, making sure that any traces of dirty liquid and cleaning agent are eliminated.  Once traces of both dirty liquid and detergent are totally eliminated, the kitchen steward can then wipe the machine off with a soft and clean cloth until dry.

Lastly, he has to ensure that there are no traces of cleaning agent odors left on the steam table.

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