Food Mop Sink

Sauce bubbles out of the pot and drops on to countertops, causing red stains that are almost impossible to wipe up. A child spills juice all over the recently mopped floor, and the oven’s baked-in soil won’t even scrape off with a knife. Daunting, back breaking and almost impossible to complete with success, these types of jobs are the last on a homeowner’s list. A hand held steamer makes these horrible tasks doable and not so hard on the elbows, hands, and knees. Even ground-in spills in the refrigerator drawers will dissipate easily when converting a steam mop to a hand held steamer. The best units come with numerous tools that clean every grimy part of a kitchen.

Using a steam mop instead of household cleaners has many benefits. This method doesn’t emit any harmful toxins into the air, creating a safe environment for children and pets. It’s also the best option for the environment, since chemicals don’t seep down drains and into water supplies. In addition to health and the environment, a hand held steamer will save money in the long run. Chemical solutions also present the possibility of ruining hardwood floors, granite countertops, and other luxurious surfaces. Toxic liquids can scratch or damage these areas of a home. Steam cleaning eliminates all these unnecessary risks.

Sanitize Countertops With A Hand Held Steamer

Food preparation takes place on the kitchen countertops. Just about everything a family eats first touches them. Surfaces that aren’t frequently disinfected can easily become a breeding ground for sicknesses. Salmonella and other illnesses can be contracted by eating from a kitchen that has invisible germs lurking everywhere. Because they can’t be seen by the naked eye, these parasites are efficiently eliminated with a steam mop. The incredibly hot vapors kill all of the germs and bacteria, leaving clean countertops that provide a sanitary place to cook and prepare food.

Remove Nasty Stains From Refrigerators And Ovens

Spills in the refrigerator can become virtually impossible to remove when they are left over time. Cold air hardens these stains and increases their stubborn nature. Instead of engaging in hours of backbreaking work scrubbing the back shelves of a fridge, use a hand held steamer with the direct jet nozzle attached to shoot hot steam right onto the spots. The heat will loosen the granules, allowing the entire area to be eliminated after a few shots of vapor. A once nasty refrigerator will look like new in no time. Even the freezer can be made to sparkle with a steam mop that transforms into a hand held steamer. If a freezer needs to be defrosted, this portable steaming unit will complete the job in less than half the time the task normally takes.

Along with cooling appliances, ovens and stovetops are cleansed with hot vapors. This alternative to scour pads, chemical cleaner sprays, and exhaustive scrubbing in dirty, grimy water makes light work of a daunting task. Even drip pans that never want to be cleaned can’t stand up against these machines. Baked-in food inside the oven is removed quickly, enabling a homeowner to use their oven again right after cleaning instead of letting it sit for days while the stains are loosened by toxic solutions.

Use The Squeegee Tool To Make Appliances And Windows Shine

Throw out the mounds of paper towels and newspapers and bid goodbye to bottles of glass cleaner. Rather than washing windows the traditional way, operating a vapor unit will make windows sparkle within minutes. Get rid of dust, dirt, and cobwebs with the squeegee hand tool that comes with most steam mops. Besides windows, this attachment works well on microwaves, the outside of refrigerators, the oven’s glass door, and the front of dishwashers. Fingerprints will instantly vanish and the kitchen will shine, spot free.

Multiuse Steam Mop Attachments

Typically, vapor machines come with many attachments, not just one tool. Take full advantage of these accessories that will make cleaning a kitchen a snap. The nylon brush set incorporates several different sizes to handle various jobs. The large brush is ideal for scrubbing tile and grout lines. Tight spots and corners can be attacked with the triangle and detail head brushes. Tough jobs that require a lot of elbow grease like the hood of an oven or the stovetop can be degreased easily using the wire brush attachment. The direct jet nozzle works well on microwaves, shelves in the refrigerator, and other hard-to-reach areas.

By offering one product to cleanse the entire kitchen, a steam mop saves storage space, money, and lots of time. Utilizing only water, these types of units present the best way to sanitize a kitchen over and over again.

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