6 Biggest Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Refrigeration System?

When you think that it is time to upgrade your commercial refrigeration, it is best to look for the best unit that will give you the opportunity to save money. You may be looking to replace your old system that is no longer dependable, or you are tasked with conserving energy through the purchase of new equipment. There may be newer technologies that you would like to implement that did not exist when you bought your original system, or the entire building is being remodeled, so you need a new unit. Whatever your reason may be, having new commercial refrigeration has benefits. 

Gain Redundancy

If your old unit is unreliable and you constantly need service, you can upgrade your refrigeration system to include built-in redundancy. This means that if the main compressor goes down, the entire system will be backed up. 

Reduce Equipment And Supplies

When you upgrade your refrigeration to a system running on a digital scroll compressor, you can not only reduce the number of compressors that are required to do the same job, but you can also cut refrigerant costs in half. 

Save On Energy Costs

This is obviously the main benefit; it can save you a lot of money. Just by using a commercial refrigeration system that has eco-friendly features, it is possible to save almost 50 percent on electricity bills. 

Depending on the overall size of the operation, the amount of savings is on a sliding scale, but for operations such as hospital foodservice, this can be a massive number. Once you upgrade your commercial refrigeration system, it will reduce the number of compressors and gain redundancy; you can also increase your electric bill savings to thousands of dollars every year. 

Long-life, Lower Maintenance

A typical motor has a 5 to 7-year life span, and an annual operating cost is more than a hundred dollars per fan. New commercial refrigerators have more than double the life span, 15 years, and half the operating cost. This makes them virtually maintenance-free, allowing you to spend more time on other important aspects of your business. 

Short ROI

This is important to businesses. You can’t talk about investment without talking about its return or ROI. A lot of energy upgrades are known for long ROIs, around 10 to 15 years even. A lot of business owners are hesitant to remove things like geothermal systems or solar panels. New models of commercial refrigerators have an average ROI of 24 months which is a lot shorter than the typical ROI.

Easy To Install

New commercial refrigeration units generally have a standard size, mounting, and accessories for easy installation or replacement of shaded pole motors. Your contractor should be able to install your unit in just a few hours. If you prefer, they can install the equipment for you. 

Less Heat, Less Noise

Energy produces heat, and inside a refrigerated space, stand close enough to an evaporator box or put your hand on it, and you will feel the heat. By operating the fans at a low speed when no refrigerants are needed and at high speed when the system is actively cooling the refrigeration system, new commercial refrigerator models use less energy and create less heat. That means the system is not running at full speed 24/7, reducing energy, reducing noise and reducing heat. 

Upgrading your commercial refrigeration unit may not be ideal for all businesses, because it can cost you money. But if you consider all of the benefits that you will get to enjoy, upgrading your refrigeration unit to the latest model is worth it, especially if you will get a model that has money-saving and eco-friendly features. 

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